Dr. Alice R. Berkowitz has been in practice as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist since 1986 . Since practicing for over 28 years at the prestigeous Cedars- Sinai Medical Office Towers in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Berkowitz has moved her private psychotherapy practice to Beverly Hills, California. Serving a wide variety of clientele, Dr. Berkowitz sees many high profile personalities, enterntainment professionals, and celebrities in the Los Angeles area, as well as travels to perform client consultations all over the country.

Dr. Berkowitz works with individuals, couples, families, and children dealing with a wide spectrum of psychological disorders, as well as people who are interested in psychological growth and achieving greater prosperity in their lives. Although her training is traditional, her approach is personable, friendly, and very real. She does not take a back seat position to psychotherapy; she is there with you, gentle, smart, intuitive, confrontive and insightful, from day one. This is not an experience that you will feel alone in or question whether you have gotten  anything from treatment. Many of Dr. Berkowitz's patients have been seeing her for years. For some it's been consecutively; for others, they come back and forth when they feel a need to do more work or when they encounter a conflict that they need help resolving. 
Referred to as the Psychologist to Psychologists, many licensed psychologists and other clinicians seek Dr. Berkowitz out as a psychotherapist and others seek Dr. Berkowitz out as a supervisor post their own licensure. Dr. Berkowitz has personally trained many licensed psychologists during her years as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Southern California. She also supervises licensed psychologists who are new to the field and who seek additional mentoring as they begin to build their own private practices. 

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Berkowitz is a forensic psychologist who serves as an Expert Witness in Family Court, Civil Court, Criminal Court, Military Court, and Federal Court. One of her areas of specialty is Child Custody Evaluations and high conflict situations. She regularly provides services needed for a variety of areas of psycho-legal evalutions, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, pscho-sexual evaluations of the victim and the offender in alleged psychosexual abuse cases, wrongrul termination, malingering, training attorneys in jury selection, wrongful life, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases, wrongful death cases,assessing acute and chronic organic brain damage, other areas of neuro-psychological damage and developmental delays. Please see more information for Dr. Berkowitz as a Forensic Expert Witness @ Jurispro.com.

If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, Dr. Berkowitz  is the Psychologist to contiact.

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